About Us

Jal Pravahika Pvt Ltd (JPPL) was established in the year 1995 under Indian Companies Act of 1956 and has been running successfully ever since.

The year 2001 was a significant year for JPPL as we undertook up the job of supplying various engineering items to Public Health Engineering Dte., West Bengal and also looking after the marketing of Steel Tubes & Pipes manufactured by Utkarsh Tubes & Pipes Ltd at Howrah.

Since then JPPL has diversified into Designing, Installation & Commissioning of Iron Elimination Plants; Electro Chlorinators for manufacture of Hypo Chlorite Solution for Dis-infection of Water. We have successfully designed and executed Pressure Filters for Ganga Sagar Mela.

We execute pipeline projects including Water Rising Mains & PVC Distribution System.

JPPL also deals in Cast Iron, Steel & PVC Pipes & its Fittings, Valves including Mechanical Joints.

Marketing of Ductile Iron Pipes manufactured by Tata Metalliks Ltd. having Works at Kharagpur, Midnapore, West Bengal is also undertaken by us.

Recently our Company introduced Solar Electro Chlorinators for disinfection of Mini Water Supply Schemes to PHE Dte. West Bengal and have successfully installed units at Sundarban (North & South).

JPPL has Tie up with Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. and has successfully Installed & Commissioned Solar Street Lighting System and Solar Home Lighting System at Various Tourist Lodges in West Bengal.

One of our most important projects under this head was when we undertook the marketing of Ductile Iron Pipes. These were manufactured at a unit based out of Kharagpur, Midnapore, West Bengal.

In recent times, Jal Pravahika has expanded into the Supply, Delivery, Installation and Commissioning of Silent Diesel Generators, which is focused on providing power backup solutions. Our current tie-ups are equipped to serve drinking water needs with the use of Arsenic, Fluoride and Iron Removal plants.


A report called “State of the World’s Water 2017” by Water Aid, (a global advocacy group on water and sanitation) states that 63.4 million people living in rural India have no proper access to clean water. The figure is a sub-total of the population in Australia, Sweden, Sri Lanka and Bulgaria.

Due to the lack of proper development in the rural areas of the country, weather changes and climatic events make the inhabitants pay an unfair price. Data also states that as little as 16% households in rural India have piped water.

It is an obvious fact that piped water is not meant for drinking. The iron and arsenic content causes respiratory problems, skin lesions and may even result in cancer. Due to the increasing population, the Government is struggling to provide safe drinking water throughout the nation as India races towards water scarcity.

The natural water resources like rivers are getting more and more polluted and what adds to this misery is the lack of storage infrastructure. As our country proceeds towards a tough geographical insufficiency, we at “Jal Pravahika” hold a vision of making a difference by making potable water accessible to people with the use of Sustainable practices and Pro innovation methodologies.

We take note that all our listed products and services are aimed towards fulfilling the vision of providing safe drinking water to every household across the nation. All the products are of premium quality from reputed brands. With the stagnant growth of modern technologies and practices, we are open to work with new partners who can bring innovative technologies to improve the sector. One of the primary reasons for our growth has been achieved by maintaining long term relationships with our clients, suppliers and service providers.

Our purpose is to provide comprehensive water sanitation, safety and maintenance solutions for all sectors ranging from Industries to Organizations as well as the difficulties faced by the common man. Focus is given on products and solutions with low lifecycle cost in comparison to lower capital cost. We plan to contribute to a country where the entire population as a whole will be able to access basic human needs.


We at “Jal Pravahika” have carved our stem roots which will direct our action towards the success and growth of our company. We not only aim to upgrade the life of the population of our Nation but also mutually grow along with our employees and partners.

Our Values define our work culture and the way we approach work. Truthfulness in all situations even when we may stand to lose is a condition we choose to abide by. Without the foundational element of reliability, no amalgamation will yield long-term benefits. And without long-term thinking no venture has been or will be able to sustain. The reason for “Jal Pravahika” to expand its reach over the course of three generations has hugely been impacted by this mindset.

Next comes into play the actual deliverability of the duty undertaken. Our trained and experienced team members have handled various types of projects under various conditions and circumstances. We stand by the quality that we promise to deliver and take necessary steps so as to ensure that the client does not have to compromise from their end. After all Trust may help build a relationship but our service will be the reason for the relationship to last.

It is important to know what a company stands for and understand their purpose. When “Jal Pravahika” was formed in 1995 it started off as a dream to build a system using which we could give back to the society and in addition to that earn our fair share. During the lifetime of any company or individual, seldom do they get the chance of contributing to the nation. We hold exceptional pride in glorifying that every project undertaken by us has helped better the lives of our countrymen.

  • “Jal Pravahika” is a company who have running successfully in the Water Treatment and Maintenance Industry for the past 20 plus years. We make sure that the brands we are associated with maintain a high reputation in the market, so we can deliver high quality products to our clients.

    Customer satisfaction is taken as a priority and thus we ensure frequent communication with our clients to make sure our deliverables meet their standard. Nowadays it has become more and more difficult to foretell the change in market as conditions can change rapidly overnight. Pertaining to this we are constantly in evolution mode with new technologies, innovations and next gen solutions.

    We are focussed on maintaining our ‘Dedication for Quality’ keeping in mind the current market conditions and practices. Our priority is to provide supreme quality products and constantly look for opportunities to improve them. Our associate partners and internal quality control team ensures that the deliverables are defect free and function in accordance to the levels claimed.

    Regular feedback has been taken from both ongoing and old clients and by far we have always received positive responses from their end. Client surveys have served as the backbone for our consistent expansion and we have maintained our quality standards even in the times of conomic hardships.

    One of the fundamental values we hold is to concentrate on ‘Customer Management’ along with ‘Product Management’. We hold immense pride to ensure quality control in terms of manufacturing and performance. Our affiliation has been with the Industry leaders who do not compromise on quality and never fail to live up to our client’s expectations.

    Frequent changes in our products are made to improve the standard of current products and introduce new ones to provide solutions to uncommon problems. To help us do the same, we recruit and train our employees according to industry standards. The projects undertaken are done so with proper manpower planning and strict evaluation procedures.

    In order to earn the loyalty from customers, it is absolutely necessary to deliver top-notch Quality and Service. We do not consider short-term successes at the cost of declining quality. Deadlines promised from our end are met and ensured.

    After the product is handed over, our team makes sure that the Dos and Don’ts (where applicable) are communicated to the clients along with proper instructions and technical assistance when needed. Satisfied customer experiences results in authority and long term legacy which is why we have been running strong till date.

  • What good is a Company without their people? Our Company holds deep respect for all kinds of relationships, be it with the Vendors, the Customers or the Internal Management Team.

    Business is less about the products and more about the people dealing with it. We emphasize on building long lasting relationships with our associates as it is one of the fundamental pointers of success. Being a part of this Industry long enough, we hold deep concern for the people we work with.

    The Business group associated with “Jal Pravahika” consist of selective brands and companies with whom we have formed a long term bond and can rely on for support and assistance. Similarly, we make sure no stones are kept unturned when we have the humble opportunity to do the same for them. There is always a Balance of Give and Take which is maintained from both ends.

    Regular interactions are maintained with our Vendors. Dedicated project managers are assigned to ensure smooth functioning of operations. Progress reports are maintained to avoid future confusions. Our vendors have been doing business with us for the longest time and so far have been satisfied with our approach towards work.

    Employees are the biggest strength of an Organization and thus we take note of their Individual Development, Internal Trainings and ensure they maintain a superior standard of performance. Regular feedback is taken and the management takes into consideration their views and opinions regarding concerned projects.

    We treat relationships like Cornerstones. The needs of our business associates are attended to and proactively looked after. We believe in mutual growth and thus the visions of both the parties are considered. We never hesitate to deliver more than what was initially decided and have received the same from the other ends too.

    Reliability is a factor we consider while getting tied up with all our vendors and partnering brands. Assurance and top notch deliverability has taken our long term relationships into a secure zone. Our Management holds immense respect for their partners which has helped us establish successful understanding between both parties.

    Lastly, what stands out the most in any relationship is Honesty. A short term gain is too minute for us to risk our connection with valuable people. Our team maintains transparency in terms of work and other elements. Working in coordination with other firms on a single project often means that our tasks are interconnected. Thus, if any unforeseen circumstances occur, the consequence would have to be borne by both the associates. We take necessary steps to avoid such incidents and since certain things cannot be guaranteed, our sincerity remains intact.

  • It is not hidden from the common man that the condition of water in our country is declining with each passing year. The most effective solution to this problem is the use of sustainable means of water treatment.

    Our commitment towards the development of our nation is to seek innovative technologies in order to upgrade the lives of people in an affordable way. The vision is to fulfil the needs of the present population without compromising the adequacy for the future generations.

    The rural and urban areas of India are the most affected regions that have truly experienced life without sufficient water. Techno-environmental treatment solutions are a sector we are slowly progressing towards.

    The World Health Organization has released a report that revealed that lack of drinking water and proper sanitation is the reason for death of approximately 1.6 billion people each year. We are progressing towards providing solution to this issue with the help of modern technologies such as water purification systems.

    Commercially scalable and low-cost hydro-solutions are our main focus zone. Developing countries such as India also face the problem of leaks which serve to be very costly and damaging. To account for such a concerning situation, smart monitoring systems are being developed which is helpful for detection of leaks.

    Traditional irrigation systems are soon to be replaced by modern technological approaches. These will help farmers measure water usage and in turn save unnecessary wastage. Wastewater treatment is another such problem that is prevalent in the underdeveloped areas of our country. Updated machinery are being developed to help transform waste-water to support generation of energy and increase the source of drinking water.

    Sensors and automated systems are already being used in developed countries using which crops are monitored. This helps detect the growth of crops and forecast how much water is required to be used. On-site technologies enable recycling of used water in commercial hubs and hotels and make them potable.

    “Jal Pravahika” aims to be associated with all these modern technologies and help promote the variety of ways using which the problem of water scarcity can be resolved. Brands that introduce cutting-edge resources have partnered up with us in-turn helping our approach towards a better and safer India.


We stand very proud to acknowledge the fact that ‘Jal Pravahika’ has completed 20 plus years in the Water Sector Industry. We owe our success to the combined knowledge, experience and hard work rendered by three generations of the Sonthalia Family.

The Company came into existence in 1995 under the leadership of Mr. Atmaram Sonthalia. He earned his Law degree in 1962 and after practicing and honing his skill for a considerable amount of time, he finally started with his own business. Ever since then, he has guided the company with his extensive knowledge. Now Mr. Atmaram holds the position of Chief Advisory and continues to push this Institution forward with more fierceness.

The next generation saw the involvement of Mr. Anil Sonthalia who joined into this venture at the tender age of 21 years. His contribution towards the organization is responsible for the outcome of the Brand and Reputation we stand for today.

The final and third generation so far was led by Mr. Akhil Sonthalia. His seriousness towards growing this enterprise was such that he pursued a Management Degree from K J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research in Mumbai. After completion of his formal education in 2010, he joined into his family business with the commitment of value adding to its expansion using his trained management expertise.

The unique minds and skill sets of all three generation comes together with a mutual vision of serving the Nation with all kinds of solutions to their water needs. Since all three contributors come from different backgrounds and possess distinct strengths, the company enjoys the advantage of benefiting people of various backgrounds and deals in projects demanding uncommon solutions.

Success has many elements amongst which Wisdom, Knowledge and Spirit contribute to larger share. Unlike many, the Sonthalia Family is a fair blend of all three.