Welcome to “Jal Pravahika”, home for products and services for the Water Supply Sector. Our main scope of work is to provide all needs of water solution to the people. Our brand name “Jal Pravahika” is a combination of two words where ‘Jal’ stands for Water and ‘Pravahika’ means ‘madhyam’, which defines our main scope of business which is to engage in activities which culminates in providing water to the population.

Jal Pravahika” is a family based business and have been in this Industry since the past three generations. Our company is associated with a number of prestigious brands in the Industry and thus offers a wide range of quality products and solutions.

We are focussed in catering full scale solutions to our clients in the Water Supply Sector and hence our product .category deals with services that meet the increasing need for water solutions in our country.

According to studies by the year 2040, water scarcity will spread to many countries across the globe, India being a major one. Holding 18% of the World’s population our country has a mere 4% of the total available water resources. These facts and figures could make one believe this to be the reason for India’s water shortage problem. But in reality our country is prone to wastage of water resources and lack of proper management.

We at “Jal Pravahika” aim to deliver services for the benefit of the nation and provide turnkey solutions for Water management and treatment.

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